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Nominert til Best XR Prototype/Demo

RESONANCE was nominated for the Best XR Prototype / Demo at the VRINN Awards 2021

Jeg er spesielt stolt over at Resonance ble nominert til Best XR Prototype / Demo ved VRINN Awards 2021, siden jeg startet året med en intensjon om å bevege meg inn i VR.

Resonance, prototype work in progress, by Kasper Mork Lunde (developer), Øyvind Blikstad (soundician), Kari Klyve-Skaug (film maker), og meg med mine tegninger.

RESONANCE was nominated for the Best XR Prototype / Demo at the VRINN Awards 2021

RESONANCE is a prototype (work in progress) for an ArtVR experience. It was created at the Off-Piste Lab 2021 by Kasper Mork Lunde, Kari Klyve-Skaug, Øyvind Blikstad and Sonja Bunes.

Our personal chemistry and combination of skills worked really well and we are looking forward to further developing RESONANCE; calming immersive experiences where you can involve your senses and interact with visual poetry, ambient sound and the colors of light. A whole new world to relax in, interactive objects delicately hovering in the sensual atmosphere. It is like a treasure hunt, and the reward is an array of beautiful audiovisual experiences.

This is really something else!

We are grateful to CEFIMA and The Norwegian Film School, VRINN, Høgskolen i Innlandet and Viken Filmsenter for this oportunity to get to know a lot of creative people, develop an intimate knowledge of VR storytelling, develop an original concept and produce a working VR prototype.

We had a great group of mentors, who willingly shared their expertise. Thank you all.


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